Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Forgiveness in Families

In my Introduction to Family Processes Class last week we talked about forgiveness. I thought I would share with you all here what I learned. (I also get points for doing this so woo!) I hope you'll find it as a good reminder.

We discussed two things in families that can stand in the way of forgiveness. 

1. We are ignorant of our offenses

Often times the offender doesn't know that what they are doing bothers you. If we are the ones that feel offended, we owe it to our spouse/family member to let them know that what they are doing is bothering us. If we don't tell them then they won't have the opportunity to change.

2. Pride

Pride is a pesky little bugger. It often has a way of sneaking into our hearts. Sometimes we are annoyed with someone or frustrated with a family member and really the problem is not with them but with us. It is important that we also focus on changing and bettering ourselves not changing other family members. 

We watched the Mormon Message "My Burden was Made Light" in class. I've seen it before but as I watched it again I was just amazed. It's definitely worth taking a few minutes to watch even if you've already seen it. 

As family members we spend enough time together to see both the good and the bad. Forgiveness is an essential part in a healthy lasting relationship and in a family.

I love you guys. I'm not perfect and I hope you will continue to forgive me of my mistakes and allow me room to learn and grow. 

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